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We are currently counting down to our family holiday, our last holiday as a 3! I’ll be 27 weeks pregnant when we fly – we literally waited till the last week I could fly without needing a fit to fly letter – let’s hope it’s not too early in the season to get some decent heat on our skin!

After moving house, moving out again, completing our little house project and finally moving back in….we are ready for a break!

During my last pregnancy I went on two holidays abroad – one to Rome where I didn’t actually know I was pregnant. I consumed a small vineyard of wine only to find out I had my little bundle growing away inside of me when I returned (the guilt still runs through me to this day!!)….however Freddie was born perfectly healthy so maybe I should cut myself some slack.

The second holiday was my Brothers’ wedding in St Lucia when I was 11-12 weeks; I wasn’t showing much so the bikini conundrum was not one that I really worried about; I just wore my usual two pieces and didn’t really worry about looking a little rounder than normal.

However this time around it’s different – at 27 weeks I’m bigger than I was with Freddie and I have a classic baby bump (and boobs) going on. I love it and I don’t try to hide it by any means – however when I considered my swimwear for hols its left me in a bit of a conundrum…..

To bump or not to bump.

Do I go for a 2 piece and show my bump in all of its glory – or do I go for the more ‘maternity friendly’ tankini – ORRRR do I opt for a one piece effort? Are there rules? And what about sun exposure, is it ok to expose my growing bump to the sunshine so much – especially when my skin hasn’t seen a ray of sunshine for the last 12 months?

Trying to squeeze my boobs into the bikinis I already have was comical to say the least – I’m not naturally blessed in that area, but during both my pregnancies I have enjoyed the benefits of having a little boobage to play around with. So off to the shops I go to see if I can find something that;

a) I like

b) Fits me

c) I feel good in

Challenge Anneka right there.

IMG_2548I’d already bought a tankini to wear when I took Freddie swimming. I like it, it’s very plain monochrome striped, quite classic but it’s not exactly what I would call holiday worthy. So it’s a reserve piece at the moment pending the shopping trip.

I managed to head out for a day of shopping by myself one day when Freddie was at nursery (the rarest of occasions I must say!) After trying a million different options on; the one piece swimsuit is an absolute no! I look like a sausage, an actual sausage with a bump on the front. Not flattering. Trying 2 pieces on was a little more fun…..however why do they have to make the bum piece so narrow these days – is it just me or does everyone experience a bit of a wedgie situation when they try to walk in some of these tiny little bikini bottoms?

FullSizeRenderAnyway, River Island you saved me, I found a little gem of popping purple colour and embroidery which I absolutely love – it keeps my boobs (and bum) in check and I feel really good in it. Puchased.

And then….a curve ball – the cut out swimsuit. Zara have some gorgeous designs at the moment and I found another bright little gem which is super comfortable and has a conveniently placed cut out to the front which my bump sits perfectly in! Not strictly the reason the cut out was created by the designers I’m sure but it seems to work so I’m going for it! IMG_2551

I think I’ll throw the tankini in the case too just in case I feel like my bump could do with a rest from the sun….i’m sure I can jazz it up with a bright cover up or some metallic sliders!

So I’ve got my 3 options right there – I would usually fill my suitcase full of mix and match bikini’s for a different look each day…..but why splash out on a million bikini’s if I’m only going to wear them a handful of times while I’m pregnant – I’m definitely putting my sensible head on when it comes to spending money on maternity wear, boring as it may seem!

So I’m all ready to jet off with my little family, bring on the sunshine and the R&R…..oh wait I have a 2 year old, forget the R&R that’s not gonna happen…..BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!


Tracey x

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