The Nausea Effect – Give yourself a Break!

Desperate Times

It was 2.30pm and I was sat in a meeting with my boss and a very good client of ours. Chatting about future developments and opportunities when I was suddenly overwhelmed……my intense nausea started to kick in and the room started to spin. Trying to keep it together I nodded along as my boss chatted away. How could I be so stupid as to miss my hourly snack to avoid this predicament? There wasn’t even a scabby rich tea biscuit in the middle of the table which I could nab for a quick sugar hit.

The sheer military operation that was planning my food intake for a day at work was absolute madness. I needed more snacks of every variety than you would ever believe; fruit of every kind, raisins, breadsticks, humus, cheese, crackers, crisps, cereal you name it I had it in my little bag of wonders. But this time I hadn’t planned well at all, at 8 weeks pregnant I was struggling big time to keep my shit together. Naturally we hadn’t told anyone yet so my snacking had to be stealth. I couldn’t play the pregnancy card to excuse myself from the meeting to run to the tuck shop and grab a quick bite.

The meeting ran over by half an hour by which time I was so desperate to get out of there. To the point of being completely rude I said a quick farewell and rushed to the car to see what I had stashed away. Ah great, a handful of grapes and an apple, not at all what I need right now but I’ll shove that down my neck and it’ll tide me over for the drive home! Finally at home banana’s on toast with lashings of butter did the trick and I was back to feeling semi normal.


Eat your greens

Being pregnant is wonderful, beautiful and an amazing experience but it can be a pain in the ass! My second pregnancy is shaping up to be different to my first, my nausea and tiredness is off the scale….nothing to do with having a toddler running around at my feet at all!! Sometimes he makes my head start spinning by just watching him. Seriously though I have to admit, I’m struggling. Every day is different and I’ve started to have aversions to food as well as nausea and overwhelming bouts of tiredness. Being at work is the hardest but coming home to cook tea isn’t easy either. But I realised something at around 8 weeks and the revelation went something like this…..

Let’s start off by saying that, when we fall pregnant one of the first things we are told is what to eat, when to eat and how to stay healthy in pregnancy right? That’s great, let’s create beautiful healthy little ones that will thrive to become amazing humans! Yes that’s what we all want, for our little ones to be happy healthy humans! And with that, during both my pregnancies I’ve made an effort to eat as well as I can and to try and put good stuff into my body. But let’s get real for a moment, when that nausea kicks in the last thing we want to be putting in our mouth is that lovely salmon fillet with a side of green veg isn’t it??? Tell me I’m normal when all I want is fish fingers beans and chips?? No fuss, no faff, just good old beans!



I’m the Mam who plans out my family’s tea for the week. That way I know what I need when I do the weekly shop. I work, I run a business and I have a 2 year old and a husband; the last thing I want to do when I arrive home from work is stand in the kitchen scrapping around for something to make for tea. It’s great to have a plan. However, at the moment my aversion to so many foods is growing by the day and sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of that chicken breast or stuffed mushroom!

This particular week, my 8th week of pregnancy, I forced a salmon fillet down my neck one evening, wretching all the way, because it was on my plan for the night….I stick to the plan….and its healthy….but most of all I was too exhausted to think of an alternative. The next night I planned a very lovely Mediterranean vegetable and pesto tart with couscous and garlic bread. I almost barfed as I handed my garlic bread over to my husband and took about half an hour to force the veggie tart thing into my mouth; the couscous remained untouched.

Then finally, the next evening, I cracked. I couldn’t bear the thought of my planned meal of salmon and spinach fish cakes with veg and rice. I told my husband that was it, we’re having fish fingers beans and chips, I’ve never seen him so happy! My 2 year old was ecstatic and I’ve got to tell you it was the best thing I have tasted….EVER!! I felt momentary guilt at the thought of not giving my growing baby (and my toddler) the best of the best healthy food. But then I gave my head a shake and thought; hang on a minute, my toddler is happy (ecstatic in fact), I don’t have any aversion to this meal and it tastes amazing. I told myself to stop being a tit!


Go Easy

So let’s put it this way, go easy on yourself ladies!! Everything in moderation. When you feel like absolute crap or that you feel so bad you might just have to crawl to the kitchen to make yourself a bite to eat – just eat what you can, eat what will give you energy, don’t make yourself miserable and don’t feel guilty. Forcing asparagus and sprouts into your mouth every waking moment for the fear of being branded a bad mam is just plain stupid! Just do your best and balance it out. Eat your fruit on a morning with your breakfast and don’t you dare feel bad about having that pizza for tea or eating those biscuits with your cuppa. Don’t even feel bad after that sneaky maccy d’s you squeezed in on the way home from work. Your baby won’t come out obese and smelling of chip pan fat from one maccy’s! Go easy on yourself! It’s your first trimester and my god is it the hardest. Do your best but don’t force yourself.

Believe it or not your body knows best, if it tells you to drink 4 glasses of milk off the trot, do it! (Yes it happened to me, more than once and I’m sure the milk is making its way straight to my boobs, hello mama’s!). If your body tells you to eat plain no fuss food, do it! If it tells you to eat every hour, do it! You will soon settle down and relax into your second trimester, but for now do what your body tells you and don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s hard enough keeping this amazing news to yourself while staying sane and cracking on with everyday life as normal.

Do your best, everything in moderation, listen to your body! And what a revelation that is!

Tracey x



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